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Website: 1700 Fairgate Ct. Las Vegas 89117 United States

1 year ago

Recently purchased a Marantz receiver for an excellent price with free shipping and good delivery timing. Shortly after installation I began to have problems. Contacted them, explained the problem and they shipped out a replacement the next day and arranged for a UPS return in the next few days. New receiver arrived the day after the old one was picked up. This to me is great customer service and I would definitely do business with them again.


6 years ago

Acoustic Sound Design offers free shipping on 95% of their inventory! They have a great selection of home speakers and sound systems by all of the top brands. Most of their products are discounted around 40% off so shopping here is a no brainer!


8 years ago

Excellent quality speakers at affordable prices. Fast delivery and good customers support.


10 years ago

One of the cheaper sites on the internet for buying some of the higher end speaker systems. I bought a mirage speaker system and they sound amazing. Less than going to Magnolias or another local stereo store and paying full price. Sites like this is why I wonder how much longer local stereo stores can stay in business. Shipping was on time and box was intact.

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