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Website: Rue Bougainville 8375 Montr茅al H4P 2G5 Canada

10 months ago

This company operates outside of Australian Law.
For a Britrail pass they quote the price in Australian dollars on their invoice.
However, later they charge foreign exchange fees.
I had to cancel because of the corona virus and they still charge the 15% fee for cancellation and then on top they charged me another foreign exchange fee.
Do not trust them.
If they need to charge a foreign exchange fee they need to quote in the foreign currency they intend to charge in.
They did not.
I am taking legal action


1 year ago

I received my ticket in a timely fashion, however as it went unused, I attempted to return it. They put you on hold and leave you on hold Never allowing you to speak to anyone, nor giving you any idea what the estimated wait time is. After 20 minutes I hung up, and decided to contact them via the form they provide on their website. No response. I called again, was immediately put on hold, and after four minutes was transferred to a recording telling me to call back during regular business hours which are 9 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday. It was Thursday, at 2:25 pm their time! Terrible service!


1 year ago

Worst experience ever! Don鈥檛 trust them! I paid extra to get my Britrail Pass on time, but the company couldn鈥榯 manage that and I had to take my flight. I needed this ticket, so my father sent it to England for 45 Pounds. ACP Rail wanted me to send it back at my expense even if it was clearly their fault. And I didn鈥榯 even get a refund for the 45 Pounds.

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