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2 months ago

I am humiliated to say this is my primary care health provider! I was exposed to Covid- and they could not schedule me an appointment! Mind you, I am a teacher and children were exposed! Sent me to an office 45 minutes away to get turned down and say they don't do testing if I am not having a procedure done- and drive 45 minutes home! My principal is waiting on test results to let families know if their children were exposed! Refused to schedule me an appointment! So disgusting and clearly they don't care! This is not acceptable! Children's health is in jeopardy and this is a lawsuit waiting to happen.


3 months ago

The only reason I or anyone should choose these doctor offices is you have no money, your insurance isn't accepted anywhere else, and you have no other choices for "healthcare". They are the super cuts of doctors offices with chains throughout NYC and other areas. The doctors act as if you are a nuisance and treat you in a way that you will be acutely aware that the reason you are there is you are poor and no one else in the country cares about your health. They too don't care but have to see you to get paid. If you are looking for that type of provider, look no further this is the place for you.


5 months ago

This place varies by location, so some are better than others. I've had to navigate my way through some lousy doctors to find the good ones. It wasn't that difficult, just say you want your next appointment to not be with the MD you didn't like. The North Babylon clinic is well run, friendly (for the most part) and I love my PCP there. Hicksville is pretty good too, but Babylon is much better. I can't speak to any of the others as it's really about who the director is and what the volume of patients is.

The operation of the company as a medical service entity is why I lopped off 2 stars. They don't accept Medicare (no longer, anyway) and I'm not sure whether that's on ACPNY or Medicare. Very likely a fair split of blame there as Medicare has gone to crap under the current leadership in Washinton.

What is particularly bad is the website. If you want to upload a photo, the resolution is constrained to just a few hundred pixels. This sort of thing just makes me scream! In the age of cloud services, we should be able to upload a high definition photo of possible carcinomas and any other medical issue. This is especially true now since most of the visits are virtual due to COVID. There is also no place to post complaints or make suggestions. This is just bad business, never ignore your customers. Much of their clientele is Medicaid, so they tend to ignore their input anyway (on a corporate level.) Appointments with specialists may have a wait of months. I know for a fact they don't pay them well and only keep 1 or 2 per specialty. That being said, I really liked the specialists I did see once I actually got to see them.

In summary, this place really needs to get its act together with that website. Patients are really not able to upload high res images. All they need to do is to limit how much data you can keep for images. It's so easy to do and the actual cost of storage is nothing these days, but even that low cost can easily be managed by making a reasonable limit on image data stored. 1 high 4×5 high res photo is 2 Mega-pixels or 5 MB, this is not much storage space, especially d you're a medical service. High-speed internet is 100 MB/sec for comparison. I uploaded a photo here in this review which was rejected by their website. It's just 3.5MB. I had to shrink it to a 354 kB photo which lacked any detail.


7 months ago

My dad went to acpny for health issues and the treatment was really good he received good care there and a lady named cheryl was very informative and kind wit the information that he needed. I would recommend advantage care to anyone who is looking for good doctors


1 year ago

This lab is so unprofessional. They always start late and if you go on the acpny website there is no place to complain.
The techs are lazy. Never on time. I cant believe there is no management supervision. The receptionist always waste time trying to get computer on. Either acpny have a crappy computer system or the receptionist needs to go back to school to find the on button.

This is last time i come here. It just gets worse.


1 year ago

They have no idea that they are supposed to start at 8am. At 8am the techs stroll in., and then go down to get breakfast. Sit, eat and then start working. Today I guess it was free bagels so we all sat here and watch them eat. Not to mention who eats in a blood lab???


4 years ago

The staff and physicians have no consideration for patients time and scheduled visits. A patient is rarely to never seen on time. I've never waited less than an hour for a scheduled visit. But if a patient is fifteen minutes later than the scheduled appointment times they are made to reschedule. Overall though I must say the staff is pretty efficient the management of the facility needs extensive work. As a patient whose been seen with the practice since the age of 5-35 and now brings my child and my parent is also a member I don't feel I should have to change practices. The practice needs to change to fit the needs of the population it serves. After all without patients what is a practice. I've written to directors of the facility in the past and yet to see any change.


4 years ago



5 years ago

The time has come when I have to make a choice, stay with them or leave. If I stay with Advantagecare Physicians I am stuck.
The North Babylon center is just one of the many that offer their services. The big insurer in this center is Emblem Health and if you stay with them will it be to your advantage? I DON't THINK SO!! I recently became eligible for Medicare. That means that I don't have to come here for everything.
CHANGES- When I see my Dr. who I am happy with and know treated like a person. I'm guessing that Medicare pays more the my previous insurance company. Guess what? My 3 minute visits have now turned into real visits. Visits that I can actually talk to her. I am not rushed. She suggested that I see a Dr in the center. The Dr. that I chose was not in her center. Why would I travel 10 miles? Because the Dr was good!!!!!!! If I continued with the dr that I love and respect I wold have ended up in trouble. I have a Dr. in my family who said what my primary dr should have referred me to the specialist on the first visit.

ACP has a goal to make money. They now have the phamacy on the main floor so that when they give you a perscription it will be ready when you leave. KA CHING!!

A neighbor goes to the center and is locked into them. He is the type of person who comes with a list of questions almost every visit. They are good questions. I almost feel sory for the Dr.

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