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7 months ago

I was e mailed telling me In a message;;;
In a message dated 6/16/2020 10:56:53 AM Central Standard Time, [email聽protected] writes:
Hello Participants,
You have been pre-qualified to take part in the ACP View Walmart Store survey you signed up for few days ago and a survey package with rewards has been mail to your provided address..Kindly be on look out for the survey packet and let us know when its receievd. Please acknowledge this message by saying CONFIRM?
Torres Smith
Task Manager
ACP View Survey
and i did get the package and a letter telling me what i need to do and a check for 2490.00 .450.00 was my payment for doing a survey on walmart and cvs pharmacy store and 40 .00 to cover cost . they wanted me to purchase 4 gift cards
buy 2 of onevanilla master gift card and not prepaid cards the value of 500.00 each from walmart and cvs pharmacy i was to buy 2 american express gift cards and not serve cars at 500.00 each and to evaluation of both stores and send it to them when i complete this task i deposit the 2490.00 into my account and the next day funds were ready to use so i went and did the task they ask for but could not buy the gift cards due to they did not have the right cards so i did spent 218.00 of that money bought a few things and got a receipts to show them i was there to compete the task but could not get the cards .
i paid a few bills out that money leaving 2272.00 left from 2490.
so i wrote a review about the visits to the 2 stores and sent e mail to them .
buy midday i checked my bank account and the rechageable bacl to them they took the 2490.back and left me with over draft of 218.00
i have talk to b of am and they said nothing they can do about this i was so upset about this i need help to turn this around and get my refund back in to my account .i,m still have contact with them through texting and some e,mails tell me how do i get my over draft money back.


8 months ago

Anonymous store evaluation with a Chase bank check and Elina Smith signed into it. Phone number is text message only and note comes very specific.


8 months ago

Police Report # 2005-*** filed with Charlotte County Sheriff's Office on 5/29/20 with officer T. Stsyskal #2214. I was scammed in a mystery shopper fraud involving gift cards loaded with money and all drawn out by them. I was sent a CHASE Cashier's Check that was fictitious. Officer Stsykal sent you the report and asked me to do so as well. Here is a copy of that returned check.

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