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Website: PO BOX 6097 Bellevue 98008 United States

6 years ago

I just bought a domain for a customer, and it was a very smooth transaction.
I worked with Chris and my client is very happy. From start to finish it was about 48 hours total.
My customer is also very happy with the people.

Would Recommend !!!

S. Hopkins


7 years ago

cyber squatting at its worse. Pirates of the internet.


7 years ago

They are completely ridiculous. I have never in my life seen anyone pay for a site name they created for less than $3.00 then they tried to sell it back to me for $2,500. And only if u all knew that the name of the site was…. It was a name I created and no one would even want that crazy name. But they are unrealistic and vVvery unprofessional all the way around… I would change the name of my business/website before I dish out $2,500 for a name I created.. They are very unprofessional and unrealistic.


9 years ago

Not fair practice! Stole our name and wanted thousands to buy it back! [email protected] is a $#*!!


9 years ago serves as the cyber-squatting wing of Demand Inc. (who also owns eNom) Please do not encourage their unethical (though, in most cases, legal under current laws) behavior by giving them your business.

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