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5 months ago

I ordered the life like baby shark. It is animated you buy one get one free. It was $19.99 for one. Well they over charged me. They charged me $29.99 and then when i received them they where two tiny little plastic sharks that where half the size of a dollar bill that are worth maybe fifty cents each. Now they will not give me a refund they only want to give me 10% back. I am fighting with them and reported them to PayPal. Waiting to here from Paypal.


6 months ago

The worse experience ever!!!
The product (periodic table acrylic) came totally different of what has been described and adverted and paid lots of money for something which could have cost you 拢1.
Never trust the description of the product you buy.
When contacted to ask for a return and a refund, took a long time to reply and also I HAVEN'T RECEIVED ANY REFUND, only offered a discount next time I shop with them, but no code or reference has been send to me.

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