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2 years ago

Ran a trial of Acronis Backup Workstation Standard for a month and was quite happy with the functionality.
I therefore bought four licenses for the product.

However it turned out that these licenses were incompatible because the software was installed on a Server version of Windows.
I am aware that Acronis makes specific software for servers but I didn't need any of the advanced functionality that comes with it and I didn't have any advanced features available during the trial, only the features included in the Standard version was available during trial.
I would buy a Server version if I had any need for the features it provide but all I needed was to backup a single partition, no need for any application-aware features etc.

I contacted Acronis the same day to let them know I would like a refund for the licenses (that had never been used or activated) since it didn't work but they refused a refund.
Instead they offered that I could buy the 7 times more expensive Server version of their software and they would then deduct the price of the versions I had already bought. Needless to say I was shocked!

Despite several complaints they're still completely unwilling to cooperate.

Don't do business with Acronis, their busines tactics are simply dishonest.

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