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2 months ago

I registered my son for ACT. The test was canceled 4 times and we never received an email. When he eventually did take the test we found out that because he did not select the score recipients at the time of registration, we have to pay $16 for each college we want to send the scores to. On the registration it said up to four colleges are included . If you try to call them the wait time can be over 3 hours. They can cancel tests at the last minute, delay refunds without any consequences. If you make a mistake they will charge you for it. Dishonest, 0 customer service, they nickle and dime families for everything. Their business license should be revoked.


11 years ago

Great website in its purpose to assist students and their safe test-taking experience of the ACT exam. Recommended for high schoolers.


11 years ago

This website is owned by the United States Government.
It is safe and good for finding information.

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