Act Saramart Reviews - Act Saramart Scam or Legit


2 months ago

Brilliant little shopping reliable little shopping app,I was very wary at first. I thought it looked far to good to be true! So i looked on google to see if it was legit etc…And i came up ok, So i took the plunge lol. Bought a pair of boots, Which can take anything from 10 days to 6 weeks. So don't panic if they take a long time, Remember their coming from abroad. And don't expect all the copy's to be perfect because not all are, But a lot are brilliant. I buy mostly off ones with pictures reviews, So help each other out buy posting a picture with your review so we know what we're buying. Makes it so much easier, The post is also recorded and free. So you can't grumble when you think you're paying a few 拢$ more for something, So keep that in mind. And look how much you'd be paying for the original?! It's great for Christmas presents as well! I've been on saramart 2 months now, And I've bought about 40 items I'm addicted!!! So 5 stars from me thank you!

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