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3 weeks ago

The Acta Scientific journal is a leading journal in many scientific cases and is at the cutting edge of science.
One of the best features of this journal is that the processes of reviewing and publication are fast. The webpage of this journal gives a pleasant feeling to every researcher.


5 months ago

I can recommend that for the words most dependent information about science no other like this period


6 months ago

Wonderful experience with the ACTA scientific dental sciences publication, the coordinator Ms. Sadhana Singh is very cooperative, provides excellent support and communication
Quick response from the reviewers and quick publications.
I highly recommend this journal for publications


6 months ago

The fact that access is free to these published articles is amazing! This helps removes the unethical pay barriers often found in science. The menu design could be better though.


6 months ago

I am glad to acknowledge ACTA SCIENTIFIC DENTAL SCIENCES, and especially the coordinator Ms. Sadhana Singh.
Excellent support and unique communication make this Journal an essential source of knowledge for all scientific community. I am satisfied to express, it was a pleasure and rewarding experience to have our manuscript published.
Yours truly,
Rodrigo Amaral,
Ph.D., MSc, DDS, specialist in endodontics.


7 months ago

The prompt response from both the journal coordinator (Ms.Sadhana Singh) and reviewers make it a pleasure publishing in this journal.


8 months ago

quick publication . Excellent support and communication .I published ACTA SCIENTIFIC DENTAL SCIENCES and Ms Singh has been extremly helpful .Highly recommanded .


11 months ago

I do give special credit to Ms. Shanthi, whom for quite some time we've had communication. Initially I was hesitant to the idea of publishing with the journal because I was afraid of fraudsters. Shanthi Verma restored my confidence and I assured her of my publication. Her constant communication through whatsapp and email did not give me peace until the day I sent the article to her for publication. Thank you Verma and the AS Nutritional Health Journal for the timely publication of my journal article. I encoutered some small challenge in effecting the payment but I hope the finance Department will in future provide all necessary details for international cash transfers. I appreciate the peer review team but request that figures in a documents may require magnification for some details to be visible and of use. Thank you once again


11 months ago

Our research was published swiftly with a prompt response and we were given part-waiver for the cost of publishing.
Highly recommend this journal


11 months ago

Very fast publishing process, prompt response from the very professional editorial team. Highly recommended Journal.


1 year ago

We had a very good experience in publishing our PhD thesis and I recommend every individual in the scientific research to experience the services of Acta Scientific. Journals also have good Impact Factor along with indexations.


1 year ago

I wanna share a story when i have contacted to responded in a respect full manner and answered my queries and faster response from through call or email.


1 year ago

Good content in papers and well published and we can use for our study and practices and i have went to other subjects also microbiology has good Impact Factor.


1 year ago

I had previous relationships with several journals as reviewer and author. By reviewing my previous experiences with other journals in comparison with Acta scientific medical science (ASMS), I tried to summarize the positive points of this journal and the weaker points that I would like them to evolve and improve.
Since joining the ASMS editorial team, as well as reviewer, author and editorial board member, I have noticed a high level of professionalism especially regarding response times, quality and variety of publications.
Also I have to mention the quality of reviewing manuscripts through a well-organized grid.
This editorial work is the result of a committed and experienced team that I am proud to be among them.
In the wish to see our team grow to ensure maximum publication.
In the perspective of reading in 2020 more and more low-cost publications see for free to a category of scientific researchers who do not have enough means, I suggest to the pharmaceutical companies of sponsored this newspaper without links of interest


1 year ago

Every article is reviewed by the editorial board before publishing thanks to Acta Scientific for great work.


1 year ago

My short experience with Acta Scientific Publication and in particular Acta Scientific Nutrition Health has revealed so much. I may not be able to adequately capture all I feel about this great organization but I do hope that the much I say here is quite revealing about the organization. I have similar contact with many organizations but there are many unique things about Acta Scientific Nutritional Health

Journal Development
Acta scientific publication has many journals covering a wide sphere of professions. These journals are hosted in a very active website that is easily assessable and user-friendly. In particular is the Acta Scientific Nutritional Health, a well-indexed journal that is one of the most active journals among the entire journals by Acta Scientific Publication. With a short period of inception, the journal has reached an enviable height and there is no doubt that in few years to come, the journal matric will be competing with the best journals in the world.

Editorial policy
Acta Scientific Nutritional Health editorial policy is similar to most other journals. It operates on the open Access Model which increases the visibility of the authors who publish in this journal. The journal has a robust Editorial Board whose membership cut across different continents. All manuscripts are peer-reviewed and publications are regular ( every first day of the month). Within a month, manuscripts are peer-reviewed, revised and ready for publication. This is quite fast and highly commendable. The Editorial policy has consideration for low and middle income countries hence has minimal article processing charges.

Regular and effective communication is fundamental to the development of any journal. In considering this point, one must appreciate the effort of Ms. Shanithi Verma whose excellent communication style has increased the integrity of Acta Scientific Nutritional Health among other journals. Her communications keep contributors on their toes to make sure their manuscripts are submitted on time. She also makes sure that the authors get regular feedback so that there will be no gap in communication.

Regular publication
Acta Scientific Nutritional Health has consistently and painstakingly maintained monthly publication from inception to now. Publications are made online every first day of the month. Each publication has adequate number of manuscripts with a good geographical spread in terms of authors. This is a great achievement considering the number of journals that advertise and seek for manuscripts on the internet. It takes a great zeal of work to get the required number of manuscripts enough to publish a journal volume each month, more so that the articles must be properly reviewed and revised to avoid publishing substandard articles. There is no doubt that achieving this feat by the journal will transmit to high matric and very soon, Acta Scientific Nutritional Health will be awarded an impact factor.

Quality of Research
Going through the articles published in this journal suggests that the quality of research is very good and commendable. Published articles have addressed many challenges in nutritional health and related areas. Nutritional health is a challenging area wherein vivo studies using humans are difficult. Researchers rely on animal models whose internal systems are not exactly like humans. Secondly, human systems react differently to the same thing hence make certain research conclusions on nutritional health relative rather than being absolute. In spite of all these challenges, articles published in Acta Scientific Nutritional Health have no doubt advanced the study of nutritional health.

Journal Recognition
Acta Scientific Nutritional Health has already carved a niche for itself. It has high online visibility, well researched published articles, regular publications, a highly efficient Editorial Board and a highly effective system of communication. All these combined to give the journal a very high level of recognition. I just wish that this effort will be sustained and improved upon and the journal can only get better.

The activities of Ms. Shanthi Verma
When one thinks of Acta Scientific Nutritional health journal, the name Ms. Shanthi Verma must come to mind. She is a team player and highly dynamic in her work. She is the great one behind the success of this journal. Her effective and efficient communication skill is second to none. She has devoted so much of her time to activities resulting in the success of this journal. If I think of how many times Ms. Shanthi Verma sends an email to me in a week concerning the affairs of the journal, I also imagine if she does the same to everyone, then one has no choice but to conclude and testify to her great work for the success of this journal. It is a rare privilege to have such a dedicated person who is committed to the success of an organization. I recommend that Ms. Shanthi Verma should be adequately motivated so as to sustain her effort for the growth of this journal. Ms. Shanthi Verma, I commend you for your efforts.

Finally, I wanted to Conclude that
Acta Scientific Publication is a great organization doing all it can to improve human life through research. Acta Scientific Nutritional Health journal has really advanced the objective of the organization through regular publications, strong Editorial Board and Editorial Policy, effective communication and a very hardworking staff- Ms. Shanthi Verma. Acta Scientific Publication: Breaking through the horizon of research.


1 year ago

I have been contributing to ASMI since they published my first work (5 May 2019 issue). The magazine has proved welcoming and respectful of authors. The peer-reviewing process appears to be legitimate.

The Journal shows its presence on the Web of Science and Publons. They regularly publish proper research and have even invited me to contribute as an Editorial Board Member. They respect Authors copyright issues. Also, they have always been open to feedback, and I have not found the journal in blacklist showing untoward publishers.

The only reason why I do not give it a full 5-star rating is that it is a starting journal (Volume 3 Issue 1 Corresponds to January 1, and the Impact Factor = 0.8272) and lacks some features of more advanced journals. There is much room for improvements, but it seems they are up to it.


1 year ago

It was on 8th of August 2019, when I received a very informative, kind and honorable email from Ms Sushmita Sahoo, Managing Editor of AS Gastrointestinal Disorder, inviting me to join AS Gastrointestinal Disorder Journal as Editorial Board member of the journal and to submit an Article to the journal.
This initial e-mail attracted my interest because of the immediacy, simplicity and sincerity. It was really a very honorable proposal and an opportunity to publish some of my work. Also, I could immediately visit the Acta Scientific Journal website, through attached web addresses, so I had all the information I needed to decide to join the journal immediately, without waste of time.
I was also surprised about the high quality of the Journal home page and how easy and quick was to submit an article online. I had never had such quick experience to publish my work, which I could find in some days online.
Finally, It is worthy to mention the respect, enthousiasm, patience, kindness, modesty and courtesy of Ms Sushmita Sahoo, Managing Editor of AS Gastrointestinal Disorder and the originality without plagiarism, in her emails to me, that forced me to work more and sent some more articles for publication. I have to agree that my experience was so positive that I would definitely recommend the journal to my colleagues.
I would like to thank all of the editors and of course Ms Sushmita Sahoo, for this great work and I hope I will continue to collaborate with AS Gastrointestinal Disorder Journal.
Kind Regards
Nikolas E, MD


2 years ago

I wanted to share a story with you about the con publishers at ACTA Scientific Publications. I fell a victim to the rip-off scheme set up by ACTA Scientific Publications a couple of months ago. I wish I never came across these con publishers who name themselves as the prestigious ACTA Scientific Publications.

After months of research and advanced mathematical calculations, I had finally completed my latest book that talked about the effect that heat dissipation from a vehicle had on the human body. I wrote this book only to find that it will eventually fall victim to the predatory publishers at ACTA Scientific Publications. It would have been okay if my book was published and fell into the right hands of the bright students. I did not want credit for the work, I just wanted to inspire the next generation of scientists like me and not be a part of a rip-off. ACTA Scientific Publications completely destroyed my work and I have to start from scratch again.

After finishing my book, I was looking for some of the most reliable publishing houses on the internet when I came across the name of ACTA Scientific Publications. Little did I know that this group comprised of the most cunning predatory publishers on the internet. I had no clue that I was eventually falling into an elaborate scam set up by the con publishers at ACTA Scientific Publications.

When I first saw the good name of ACTA Scientific Publications I was spellbound by their reach and felt an immediate connection with other authors that posted great reviews about the publication house. I felt that these predatory publishers would become ideal partners for me in this side of the world. So I immediately dialled the number mentioned on the ACTA Scientific Publications website only to hit their voice mail. I thought to myself that well, this was an elite group of publishers, so I should try getting in touch with them through an email. So, I dropped an email to their official email id listed on the website.

I believe that the con publishers at ACTA Scientific Publications run a very tight set of scam since I got a response back from them within 2 hours. I was excited and thrilled that the predatory publishers had responded to my query. I never knew that they would eventually be the biggest set of rip-offs that I will encounter in my life.

After a few days of back and forth communication, ACTA Scientific Publications finally told me that they would be honoured to publish my book. I was extremely positive about the whole approach and gave them everything they needed to perform the rip-off of the century. Like a na茂ve and excited kid, I sent the fraudsters my original paperwork and research without even making copies of the same. I was a fool to have trusted the charming words of these predatory publishers. I should have raised a complaint when I detected something wrong with the deal.

I never expected the scam to run so deeply that it would hurt my psyche so much. I believe that the predatory publishers have an excellent team of fraudsters who can manipulate the research of hardworking people like me to their will. I am writing this negative review so that other people from the scientific community can read it against ACTA Scientific Publications and help me hold them accountable for the treason.

Not only did the predatory publishers at ACTA Scientific Publications steal my research away but did nothing good thing with it. I believe that this scam was established just to break my will. If someone from the group of predatory publishers at ACTA Scientific Publications is reading this review, please publish the book even if it is not under my name. I just want to ensure that this rip-off does not steal away the knowledge that the young generation deserves. I just wish that the scientific community reads this negative review and helps me prevent such a rip-off so that I can restore my status and publish a new book in the field. I also wish that this negative review will prevent you from falling into the scam set up by the fraudulent ACTA Scientific Publications.

I am writing this negative review against ACTA Scientific Publications so that people can stay away from them. This is not a complaint, instead, it is a genuine negative review that I hope will bring ACTA Scientific Publications under the spotlight of the investigation. I want this negative review to shine brightly against the ACTA Scientific Publications so that my students can help me establish a strong complaint against them. I wish that this negative review is read by hundreds of people who may be potential victims to the ACTA Scientific Publications.This will be a first of a kind negative review against the ACTA Scientific Publications so that others too may rise with a complaint against them.

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