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5 months ago

On 8/29/2020 I made a $3.00 political donation using my CC. About a minute later a 35.00 charge was posted to my account that I did not authorize. About a month ago the same thing happened except it was a $25.00 charge. I dont have the funds for these "mistakes" nor the time to be correcting them every month. I will not be using Act Blue again!


6 months ago


I donated to ACTBLUENANCYPELOSIACTBLUECC.COMNA recurring charge of 4.00 per month


1 year ago

Scam on credit Card

I was billed twice for $15 in Nov. 2019 but never agreed to anything with this scam company


1 year ago

Reocurring Charges Not Authorized

I authorized a small donation to the Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign through this organization. They proceeded to charge a reocurring charge of $15 per month. I am in the process of raising the dispute with my credit card company.


1 year ago

Drafting my account for a political person

I think this scam started when I answered a facebook post about which candidate I prefer. I answered and followed until they asked for money and then I exited. However, somehow they hacked into my true account to get my banking info and drafted 4 months in a row ($70/month) before I noticed it. My bank account description says ActBluecc.comma. I am a member of but not this fake account. Very disturbing.


2 years ago

Drafting Money from Checking Account for a Candidate

3/16/18 I am getting money drafted out with out my authorization from my checking account and I didn't make them.


4 years ago

Actblue unauthorized charges

My bank statement showed three unauthorized charges dated 12/19/16 totaling $70.00.

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