Acteva Reviews - Acteva Scam or Legit


7 years ago

I tried out the Acteva Express – Free for Free Events recently for a small conference and I was amazed how easy and convenient it was to operate the entire platform. The attendees too had a smooth run whilst registering for the event which is probably why I had a higher turn-out this year.

Will be hosting a paid event soon and am contemplating buying the Acteva Plus solution.


9 years ago

My experience with this company has been very, very disappointing because they have not sent me my money when they said that they will. This is causing me serious problems with my vendors and making payroll. Also, all of the payments (the small ones) they have sent me have been many weeks late. I'm trying now to get my money for the largest bulk of what is owned me…and they are weeks late and non-responsive. When they do respond it is not helpful and geared to buy them additional time. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THIS COMPANY. COMPARE AGAINST OTHER COMPANIES.

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