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3 years ago

A Great site for information on what islam is up to. It is very pro-American. It is not Islamophobic but islamofact. It is not a page of hate, but revealing truth. Since when does facts = hate? Great site!


3 years ago

ACT for America is a diverse organization, mostly of conservatives but some liberals as well, the purpose of which is to combat the spread of radical Islamic ideology in the US. The founder was born to a Christian family in Lebanon. She has had several people close to her killed by radical Islamists and as a result, has founded this organization to protect US citizens from becoming victims of Islamic extremists. A lot of people say she is hateful but I have only heard her quote directly from Islamic religious texts and her personal experiences with Islamic extremists so I don't believe that facts count as hate speech. She is merely exposing the facts, not her opinions, about Islam. I have never heard her, or members of this organization, advocate for violence against any innocent individual. This organization simply wants to defend the victims and prevent further acts of violence against victims of Islamic extremism.


8 years ago

Extr茅mistes islamophobes. Incitation aux pr茅jug茅s et aux st茅r茅otypes n茅gatifs contre des personnes de confession musulmane, 脿 la discrimination, la violence, la haine raciale et l'islamophobie.


9 years ago

And so Osama Bin Laden is dead. What next? Is this the end of the threat to our great nation, or only the beginning of the next, and more terrifying, chapter? This website is most informational about jihad and the REAL threat that we face every day. The main spokesperson is Brigette Gabriel~Gabriel gives voice to "what many in America are thinking but afraid to say out loud, for fear of being labeled a racist, bigot, Islamophobic, or intolerant." Good videos and content. The mission that took out Bin Laden is all over the news right now, but these are the kind of folks who are keeping an eye on the bigger picture (and problem) every day. Some of the intelligence gathered in the raid described a massive attack on the U.S. rail system planned for Sept. 11 of this year. And that's only what the CIA will leak to the press. I can't imagine how much intel was there. We DO know what these people are capable of.

Liberals and those who subscribe to the Obama doctrine of "outreach", and those who are more concerned with being politically correct and think that you can make peace with the jihadists need not apply.

Do you believe that the Pakistan military (and govt. leaders) knew he was hiding out 100 yards from their military academy for the past 5 years? If you do, then go to this site and sign the petition. I'm happy to see that there are serious people out there willing to take a stand and TRY to put pressure on our politicians to wise up.


10 years ago

Excellent site. They are trustworthy across the board and upon checking I find that their info is quite accurate.

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