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4 months ago

Bought a smart bulb from Action on weekly deal. Opened it only 2 and a half weeks later. When opened, I found it is faulty, so I went back to Action to exchange it. They took the old one and gave a replacement but charged me with the price difference mentioning that current price of that item has increased. I have had this situation earlier where the store promptly replaces the item without charging any price difference. In this case, I found Action very unfriendly. I complained about this to Action customer care. It took 2 weeks to get a reply from Customer Care offering a refund of price difference. I went to the store and later claimed that refund.

Fun Fact: The replacement I got was also not the same model as advertised. I didn't bother to go for exchange again. At least it was working!

LESSON / ADVICE: If you buy anything from Action during Weekly sale, check it immediately and if faulty, get it exchanged during the sale period.


10 months ago

They refuse to take cash payments.
This is against the law they have to offer at least two payment methods.
I had filled up my cart but they refused my money so i decided to walk out empty handed.
But i gave them the advice to close the F stores if they refuse to take my money.

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