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1 year ago

Thieves with customer care totally absent


1 year ago

They tried their best to avoid 'paying'. I hit a stone on the way and had a flat tyre. I called them and informed that my car was not equipped with a back up tyre(Ford Smax). And they asked me whether I had a pump, I told them none. It doesn't matter whether I have a pump or not because I hit the stone (tyre was broken). Then they rejected to help. poor company. never use it.


1 year ago

Just tried to cancel my policy with action call before it actually started to be told it will cost me 6.99 to cancel with no refund so they take your money then take more money to cancel a policy that has not even started total rip off DO not use this company rude unhelpful staff well they won鈥檛 get my money next year probably why they keep changing their name worst ever so annoyed


2 years ago

Bought policy on 10 May 2018 and been suspended as it was punctured before the policy started and requested to provide receipt. Receipt has been provided on 11 May 2018 but no one bothered to reply. Made a call out on 26th May 2018 and been informed that they cant see details and spoken with action call advisors on 29th May 2018 only to tell me that my account has been suspended until they receive receipt which has been sent on 11 May 2018. Now they say that receipt is not proper so they have requested the receipt again which made me anger and asked them why haven't they replied after getting the receipt and requested them to cancel my policy and they tell me i have passed 14 day cancellation policy and future to that they charged me 拢6.99 for cancelling it. Been robbed twice (拢38.99+拢6.99) and tried speaking with higher people and the advisor said he cant forward the call as they were hired for this only. I will never recommend this company to anyone

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