Reviews - Scam or Legit


8 months ago

Found the charity lacks any real authority and is little use in cases where people are in danger and being stalked. For example, they can not look at evidence you have even if you have been let down by the police. It a little less about the action and a little more about providing a sympathetic ear. Here is a statement from the organisation itself "AAS offers emotional support to victims of stalking and whilst we can raise cases that are not been fully recognised at a higher level of police authority, we are not victim advocates and nor can we act as legal agent in helping get a stalking cases investigated. WE cannot get involved with individual cases, because it is not the remit of the charity." As says, they can phone the police on your behalf, which I imagine you already have done countless times if you are being stalked, to no avail, which is what lead you to the charity in the 1st place. Personally I made police complaints and even got apologise from chief inspector so how much higher does it need to go. Maybe they got on the phone to the PM

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