ActionAid Reviews - ActionAid Scam or Legit


7 months ago

Very good experience. If you are hesitant to sponsor a child, read the BBC article "Is child sponsorship ethical?". An international study has compared lives of children who had been sponsored as children to those who had not. Results are shocking.


1 year ago

Yet another scam similar to the water aid scam with specialist videos and actors, these feel good scams are unlikely to help anyone except the company owners, these countries need very little if any western interference and actually survive well, people are NOT dying every few minutes because of dirty water or being abused and neglected as shown on action aid ads, don鈥檛 get scammed and don鈥檛 send your money to these people, the TV ads are even being paid for with your money. Pick a charity that鈥檚 actually a charity and not a business making people millions

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