Actioncall Reviews - Actioncall Scam or Legit


1 year ago

Appalling policies.
My car was written off by my insurance.
You can not transfer their breakdown policy part way through a policy term to a new vehicle and to add insult to injury they actually charge you 拢9.99 to cancel the policy.
Warning people this company basically holds you to ransom if you want to leave you have to pay 拢9.99. Otherwise at renewal it will auto renew until you cancel and pay 拢9.99.


1 year ago

Unable to transfer policy, this is not made clear at purchase. I have been able to do this with other providers so its a bit of a con.


2 years ago

Disgusting company. Bought a policy and a month later had to change my car. I contacted them to change details but they outright refused. They said I could purchase another annual policy with them. What a rip off

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