Actionnews25 Reviews - Actionnews25 Scam or Legit


10 years ago

This news website appeared to review a penny auction It stated BidHustle offered free registration and gave a "coupon code" for 300 free bids. However, when I went to check out the auction using the coupon code my credit card was charged $150. There was no any indication indicating that any obligation would be incurred by registering and using the coupon code. I have asked BidHustle to reverse the charge and they do not respond to my requests.


10 years ago

Yet another fake news site that is tricking people into signing up for foopile… Nice how they have illegally used all of the logos of news companies as well. Clever use of the youtube feature on a different penny auction site too. Gotta hand it to this website for duping people into thinking this is a real TV news channel.

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