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10 years ago

A site dedicated almost entirely to video games and associated content. Aside from the games themselves there are reviews, game videos, cheats, downloads and a forum. For some mysterious reason, there's also a "hot babes" category tacked on, though it doesn't entirely fit and it's not listed on the top menu. I guess it had to be there, lest there was any lingering doubt that this was a male interest site.

There's some good content here. There's plenty of relevant news, there are relevant downloads, and the babes maintain a good level of heat. Although I often look for game reviews, though, this isn't a site I've come across before. It does look rather old-fashioned, with a slight feel of Gamespot from about five years ago, and since most gaming sites want to be super-cool in their interfaces that's really unusual. Even the forum is an unmodded vBulletin design, which definitely could have been themed to match the rest of the site but for some reason, wasn't.

Still, content is King and there's plenty of good content here, and since there are current entries in all sections of the forum, I assume the site has a good fan following and that's important too. It just looks, well, a bit amateur by Web 2.0 standards.

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