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5 months ago

When dealing with Activa, you have to not only accept the Spanish 鈥渕anjana manjana鈥?mentality which is just part of the culture and a windmill that it doesn鈥檛 make sense to fight and to some extent, the cultur, which makes Spain a nice, in which we are many who want to have our vacation – It鈥檚 part of what you buy when you buy a house in Spain. With Activa you also have to deal with endless broken promises, harsh and arrogant communication, without any chance of collaboration, refusal of fixing issues with the construction – the roof of our house is leaking water…

Promises are broken all the time without telling, that they broke the promise, just try to see on Facebook how many times they have said, that they are ahead of the schedule, jet the first house was handed over just a few days before the ultimate deadline. All who made a mortgage in the house had to wait over a month after the ultimate deadline, some a lot more than that.

Activa is the most arrogant vendor, we have ever worked with. Every chance they have, they use to obstruct all possibility for collaboration, any attempt to establish a dialog, result in jet another harsh response. Their way of communicating is harsh and threatening. Forcing changes to the contract without telling why. E.g the color of the gates and the elements in the bathroom. Some changes were even made without changing the contract e.g. change the plamtree. They even invent strange protocols about what鈥檚 allowed (close to nothing) and what鈥檚 not, e.g. we are not allowed to visit the construction of our own house.

They charge insane overprice for everything not included in the base price, eg, the exact same aircon installation cost around 40% extra if bought through Activa than if bought through local vendors. Plus services for eg. pool maintenance is over 30% extra if bought through Activa (which by the way leads to green pools) compared to service bought through local vendors (who actually keeps your pool clear). We鈥檙e extremely glad, that we limited our spending on extra to a bare minimum. In short, just buy the extras somewhere else, there are plenty of wonderful local vendors to pick from.

When that has been said, they do build some of the most marvelous houses in the area, at a competitive price. But the competitive price then starts to look bad, when you discover that the materials used are not on par with what鈥檚 needed, when building in an area with alot of sun and geologic active ground. There are many minor defects on the house, but one defect tops them all: The sealing done on the roof is done with a material, which can鈥檛 last much more than a year, so now our roof is leaking water which has made a whole in the ceiling below, where the water now runs鈥?Their first response was to require payment just to look at it and even after the insurance company has clearly documented the insufficient sealing and thereby a clear warranty issue. They have more than two months later not even look at the issue and with fall come and the rains which follow, the repair work will just become more and more complex and they continue refusing to fix the issue!

We would recommend anyone to look somewhere else, for a company to build your next house, as Active have harsh and arrogant communication, don鈥檛 live up to their warranty, and refuse to fix the issues with the construction – do you want a house, where the roof is leaking water?

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