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3 years ago

I was hesitant to post any reviews because I was uncertain, but after doing some research, I'm not the only one who has had their credit information used for $1K of fraudulent purchases after purchasing clothing from this company:

My purchase was from "Activate Apparel", which appears to be the same company as "Look Human" – they have the same corporate address. I ordered some workout shirts and the sizing was WAY off. The women's tank top sizes were bizarre… their large size fit small circumference wise, but length-wise, went down past my butt. I normally wear x-small or small in practically all clothing, but the small from this company was nothing like the measurements – it fit like a child's shirt. Finding no customer service number, I e-mailed their customer service rep. Response was quick, and the rep told me she would initiate a refund and I could donate the shirts and wouldn't need to return them. I thought that was pretty awesome, and did in fact receive a refund on my purchase. A few days after this refund, my card is flagged for suspicious activity, with up to $1K of purchases at various stores in OHIO… Only about 2 hours away from their corporate location in Columbus.

This was the only recent purchase I've made from a website I have never purchased from – all other recent purchases were made at stores where I frequently make purchases. While this may be a crazy coincidence, it seems unlikely, given this same circumstance has happened to another customer AND the fraudulent activity occurred near the location of their company address.

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