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1 year ago

I booked ower and I got a car at Active Renter. Transfer at the counter at the airport split was fine, always the same process, you have not been well insured but you can complete a top insurance with us, although I have insured the maximum at
When picking up the car, she did not even mark all the scratches on the car and said the small scratches are not bad. at the tax in Zadar he wanted to take the smallest scratches on the log, but I showed him the photo which I made before.
back to the beginning, when loading the suitcase, I turned the car on it cools down, but after about 5min noticed that only warm air comes in, the lady said it will cool if you drive by car, but it was not. I had a car for 4 days without climate at about 40 degrees.
the cleaning of the car was very bad, under the seat I found a tablet and another half, no idea whether for medical purposes or drugs. If I had driven to Bosnia and the border had checked me I would have a free entry in prison. 2Woche before that was the ultrafestivel. In the summer I got a car with winter tires with little profile, I would rent a car in winter I would have to pay extra.
I would never drive a car at Actice


3 years ago

On the 22nd of May I rented a car with this company at the airport, upon pick up I informed the company that I would like to purchase the full insurance pack. The employee explained that my liability goes to 0鈧?and that I don't have to worry about scratches anymore. Be careful as you might have to pay and extra tax while pickup up the car during the evening. The employee gave me the key and told me to walk to the rent a car parking to reach the car. No one inspected the car with me but I was given a contract with the previous scratches which I was stupid enough not to check. The stay in Malta was great and on the 25th we delivered the car again at the airport, I was expecting someone to check the car with me as for standard operation procedures for rent a cars I used before, but no one showed up. I went to the airport to the rent a car desk and asked if we would check the car but he said that I had to deliver only the key. 5 days after I received and e-mail with 3 pictures of the car (one full picture, one picture of the left side of the car and another picture close up of the cover of the side mirror) attached with an invoice worth 188鈧?saying that the cover of the mirror was cracked (which is not visible in the picture even). The amount was taken straight away from my credit card. I called the office and replied to the e-mail and waited another 9 days for reply with stated that in case of damage I must inform police, otherwise insurance doesn't cover it. Upon delivery I didn't see any damage and until today I saw a picture of the cover of the mirror dirty(car is white). The procedures for this company are not the best and employees were not able upon pickup to explain the insurance coverage and conditions. I recommend everyone thinking about renting with them either to choose more liable and know company or to take extra precautions as pictures before and after delivery as they might take couple of hours to go and check your car after delivery damage can even be done at the open car parking by other drivers. After renting cars in several companies as Guerin,Avis,Budget, Europcar and Heartz this Active car rental was the company with worst customer service and conditions. Sometimes it's better to pay more and know that you are safe. You can indeed rent with this car rental but be very careful, make sure you take pictures of the care before and upon delivering it. You really need to protect yourself as they can be dangerous. After trading some emails with the CEO Johann Camilleri I asked him if he agrees with this review and he threatened me that he could seek legal advise for defamatory information. I would like to add that this is just my experience and also add that they removed their reviews info from the facebook page due to several complaints about the same. Stay safe and be careful in Malta.


6 years ago

I booked a car via GreenMotion, it was Hyundai i10 or equivalent.
Then they transferred the booking to FirstCarRental/ActiveCarRental confirming that my booking is completely valid. When I arrive at Malta they gave me Peugeot 107, i.e. a lower-class vehicle. This was the first but not the last lie.

The engine worked improper on low gear, and even come to a stop few times on uphill roads. These situations were really dangerous for me and my family. Also I damaged the spare wheel and the front dust cover on the first day. They have no office on Gozo (second island of Malta and my final destination) so I may not replace the car. For these reasons I have almost not to use the defective car.

The last stop on an uphill road occurred on Malta island, the day before I should return the vehicle. I called the road assistance services. The recovery agent came and picked up the vehicle. He stated that the clutch is broken and the car MAY NOT be used. However he rejected to give me any hard-copy confirmation, and this is very strange taking account that they gave me such a copy after the first incident on 19 Sept. even though the wheel replacement was already made by myself.

When I return home they send me a letter with damage invoice for the broken wheel. Debit note obviously overestimates all jobs and includes adminstration fee in addition to the replacement work. Is it stimulation for effective consumer fraud? And what about the compensation for broken vacation and real danger to my family?

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