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Website: 655 Walnut St Ste 220 Des Moines 50309 United States

5 years ago

Dr. Kurt is the best! So convenient when you work downtown to drop by for quick appointments!


5 years ago

I have been a regular patient of Dr. Kurt for a couple of years now after visiting several chiropractors in the past. I go to him because I trust him, and it is that simple. I can lay down and he can pinpoint the pain I'm having by simply feeling my back and other joints. He is not selling me x-rays. He is not trying to sell me pillows, shoe inserts, or other herbal remedies (I do buy Advocare Spark from him now and then to avoid coffee on those long work days). I also am not pressured to come back a certain number of times within a weeks time. If he feels i need another visit he will suggest it, but most the time its just routine maintenance from a busy life. He got to know me, my fiance, and my work so he can carry a conversation with me while I'm in the office. Great guy, wonderful practice, and convenient location.


6 years ago

Well I saw the Dr about 2 yrs ago under a different chiropractic name. He was really good. We move shows into the Civic PAC. Well we are back again I remembered where he was .. And voila he was still there with same number. I'm one of those crazy backs as a driver that gets pretty twisted. He is always so precise! I went three times this week and am very satisfied. He is amazing and such a nice guy too. He is across the hall from Palmers Deli in that bldg ( not sure what it's called). Defiantly worth trying if u were ever sceptical.


6 years ago

Dr. Steffensmeier is great. When I've gone to chiropractors in the past it feels like I'm meeting with a snake oil sales man, but not here. He doesn't rack up a bill with X-rays and pushing for you to come in 20 times in a week. He will let you know if you should come back, but you don't feel the typical pressure like at most chrios. I have popped in from time to time when I've had some back or neck pain and after a few visits he has me up and running again. He also uses Muscle stimulation which I find helps greatly.

The office is located in a easy to get to location so if you work downtown your in and out in about 15-20 min. He does allow walk-ins, and excepts many forms of insurance.

I can say that I would like to see one thing added. If he could rent out space to a massage therapist that would be awesome. Someone that could do a quick 15-30 min session.

They also have a great friendly staff.

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