Active Plus Youth Cream Reviews - Active Plus Youth Cream Scam or Legit


3 years ago

Do not deal with this company. They advertise that their product is a free trial, but it is not. They charge for the product after 2 weeks. They run a misleading and deceptive business which in Australia is a breach of the Trade Practises Act. Suggest everybody who has the same problem contacts their Consumer Affairs or get their bank to reverse the unauthorised debit, which I have done. This crowd refuses to refund my money, so stay away from them. The so-called free trial is a load of rubbish and is misleading and deceptive.


3 years ago

I ordered a pack of youth cream which they said was free and that I only had to pay for the shipping. The shipping was about R64.00. The order was placed on the 6th June 2017. On 3rd July 2017, my account was debited with R1292.68. When I phoned them and asked what was going on and why was my account debited with this amount, they asked me if I had read the fine print. I said I did not read the fine print, which apparently stated that I was to let them know after 16 – 18 days if I wanted the subscription. I told them that it was the 3rd July 2017 and that I had still not received my order. They said that they could either send me 3 more bottles for free or reduce my payment by 50%, forcing me to accept the 50% reduction. I do not understand what I was supposed to tell them after 16 – 18 days… no I haven't received my order but I am not interested or …. yes I have received my order and I am not interested or …. how am I supposed to react to anything not having received anything? It is now 17th July 2017, no order has been received and my account has been debited with R668.31 after the reversal of R668.31. Is there any way that you can help me in this matter. As a result of this most of my debit orders did not go through and I was charged R60.00 for every unpaid debit order. Also they say it's a free call when you phone them but this isn't true. I have asked the supervisor to contact me, 3 times in fact, but I haven't been contacted. Please help. Their telephone number : +27875502437. My reference is my cell number which is : +27826716231

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