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3 months ago

This is miracle stuff. I orally took daily 30ml doses of Active Silver because I had been feeling pretty rough for a number of months 鈥?massive headaches, brain fog, extreme fatigue, body pain, no appetite, etc. I also have a condition called Neutropenia (an abnormal low white blood cell count) and have lived with an early stage cancer for 8 years. It is the white blood cells that are responsible for a healthy immune system. It was the start of lockdown and I have been labelled as extremely clinically vulnerable to Covid 19 and bought #CollodialSilver because I needed something extra to quickly cure myself, or potentially end up seriously ill from #Covid19. Within 2 weeks I noticed a difference. I have physically felt the best in years to the extent that I leap out of bed in the mornings and my energy levels have lasted all day, everyday. This was backed up medically in July when my Haematology Consultant reported that my blood test results have been the best since 2016 and were all well within the normal range. I鈥檓 excited to see what effect this has had on my cancer and will report back after screening next year. I bought a 1 litre bottle of Active Silver so please speak to Lucy if you鈥檇 like to buy large quantities as they are available. I would recommend #ActiveSilver as a #CollodialSilver treatment for #LongCovid or any #PostViralFatigue as well as #Neutropenia, #WhiteBloodCell count abnormality, and #Cancer. I鈥檓 now trying #ActiveGold to see if I can cure severe osteoarthritis.

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