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4 years ago

This company trades as many different names, one of which is First car rental – active car rental in Malta.
The company's mission statement includes the sentiments of honest dealings with customers.
I have not found this to be true.
I hired a car in Malta, pick up in the airport. Having reserved the car some 10 months earlier and paid in full some 2 months earlier via one of their agents, I took the car out leaving a security deposit against any damage.
The car was returned in good condition and I heard nothing. Some two months later I received an e-mail from them telling me that they had deducted the cost of the rental from my credit card- the one given as the security deposit. They said that their agent was no longer trading and therefore they were recharging me. I replied that if their agent ceased trading it was a matter between them and their agent. I also pointed out that they were not authorised to use the card as it had been supplied to them solely as a deposit against damage, which clearly there was none.
Despite a number of emails to they restating that their action was unauthorised and unethical, they continued.
My Credit card (Post Office) on receiving my dispute and evidence of payments refunded the amount.
Any company that treats customers in this way cannot be trusted on any matter.
In my e-mails to the company I stated that if they continued in this raid on my second credit card, which was unauthorised and probably illegal, then I would warn other potential customers of their behaviour. This is now being fulfilled.

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