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Website: 101 West Main St, Suite 101 Norfolk 23510 United States

3 years ago

First of all, this software is really easy to use. Our agency team loves the Gantt charts and task list mode, it looks very organized.
There are so many useful features such as time tracking and invoicing which makes our work lot easier and makes us more productive.
We cannot imagine daily collaboration with remote teams and clients without AcitveCollab.


3 years ago

One of the best project management tools.


7 years ago

It really looks like a nice product; and in the trial offer it was. But when the trial was over, the nice things were over too. No user friendly acces anymore, but technical complicated steps to put the data on our server. That didn't work instantly, although everybody at Active Collab was very friendly; it took weeks to get it started.
Finally it worked, but only from outside; when being at the office, you couldn't enter. Now I can't log in for weeks, because I am not recognized as a user, my e-mailadress can't recover a new password etc.

Don't buy this. Use the free Google Drive; less features, but also less trouble.

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