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5 months ago

I answered to an ad on craigslist for golden retriever puppies. She told me that her late son had died from cancer and was wanting to give them a good home. My husband and I paid her $320. She said that would cover the transportation costs because she told me she just moved to Maryland. I got an email from the transportation company saying I had to pay $950 for a special crate. Then another $1200 for "insurance". Then told me I had to pay another $100 for them to actually bring the dog to my house. They told me if I didn't pay they would report me for "pet abandonment"


9 months ago

I responded to a craiglist ad that stated they were selling golden retriever puppies. The puppy had to be flown to me from Maryland to Texas and the creator of the ad said she'd be using this company. I paid them $420 but then after that demanded an additional $950 for a special crate. When I said I could not afford that they said they would send the puppy to a shelter if I did not comply. After that I never heard back.

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