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3 years ago

Beauty Products

I ordered 2 products $4.95 each 1.95 for shipping. That was it..Eye serum and Skin serum..


3 years ago

Amore Skin Is a Scam! Stay away.

This company makes it look like you are purchasing a product for $4.95, when in reality they add bizarre conditions to your purchase. They told me on the phone that I had opted into a trial 2 week membership for $4.95 with a monthly subscription. If you don't cancel within 2 weeks of purchase of the initial product, then they will bill you for nearly $200! There was no follow up of any kind to tell me this, nor a phone number to cancel, nor anything. Total scam! I spoke to 3 representatives and they all refused to refund my money. Also, the product doesn't work. I've seen no difference in the time I've been using it. Stay away!!!

Websites used are,

Company name is Adaptive LLC and address is 16285 Harbor Blvd. Suite 508, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

They are going by the name "Amore Skin"

Phone numbers are (877) 418-3084 and (877) 982-4901

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