Activefirming Reviews - Activefirming Scam or Legit


3 years ago

I read about Facebook's inventor starting a cosmetic firm with wife and then Malina's newly invented anti aging creams etc plus all the notable influential people saying how great the products are. I ordered one of the only two remaining free products left
After printing out my order. , on the bottom of the printout it lists terms and conditions; After ordering the product and within 14 days if you don't send it back with an RMA you are automatically enrolled in a refill membership program to receive every days a new 30 day supply for a mere $89.73 each shipment.

The photos supplied by the supplier of what the product is that's being sent does not resemble what is advertised by President Trumps wife Malina or Mark Zuckerberg.

I've contacted by phone the Active Firming Organization and they have sent me cancellation notices but then there are going to charge me for the sample that I am to receive at full price unless I send it back, They gave RMA numbers to send it back unopened but that's more cost and additional trips to the post office to return this trash substitute,

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