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1 year ago

Steeling money from my bank account

I ordered a thirty day sample of ther product with the understanding if I was not satisfyed I could contact them within 30 days and I would no longer be billed and they would not send any more . The original purchase was June 18,2019 Istarted trying to contact them june 26 2019 to stop them from sending anymore I was unable to make contact after repeated attempts . I contacted my bank June 7 2019 to block this account they were unable to block this account without blocking my outher account the bank suggested I get a new bank car and they would send it to me and instructed me to activate the new card but keep the old one active until I received the new one. Before the new card cam in I received a charg of 69.99 $ plus 2.83 $ bank charg for international service and received nothing the charg was taken out July 9 2019 I have my new card and continue trying to contact this company with no luck . The nam on my bank statement is BTP*internet-tr 5186 . I was also charged .55 usps po 0477415186

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