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6 months ago

This is scam guys. No one pays yuh real good money easily. Oscar and Michele is a good player in this game. Do not spoil yuhr money earned from hard work. Karma will be back frauds. I have reported few guys and this website ATST I will be taking strict action as well.


7 months ago

This is a scum
Lucas Thompson was my broker..bu karma Will punish him.
They ask u in telegram to send 200鈧?
I knew I was trashing my money. After send them the cryptocurrency with blockchain, they inform you to subscribe to this site. Then, to withdraw your 'gain', you must pay 840鈧?more.
Nobody gives you money free..I wanted to I lost.


9 months ago

Many thanks to Chris for getting us into such trouble. God's mills grind and I believe that one day karma will catch up with you. Whether now or later. Enjoy the money of others, pretend to be a big businessman but it will happen to you, believe me.


9 months ago

This whole thing is a scam! The biggest imposter is Christopher Grant (guedes). Traders and brokers promise a high return on investment and require meaningless fees all the time. A normal person is not able to get their money because the fees ruin you. I was naive and lured by the profits that kept growing, and in total I paid fees of over $ 20k and my family is in debt and subsistence problems. This scammer was not stopped even by the fact that I have 2 children (3 years and 2 months old). I still only paid the last fee and the last fee, tax, broker, agent fee, transaction fee, decryption etc … This company is one big scam. Hands off!

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