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8 years ago

Good website all in all. Informative.


9 years ago

My wife and I got married May 25, 2008 and were tired of renting. We knew we wanted to buy a home in Lawrence, KS. We had driven around the Lawrence, Kansas area searching for properties for sale prior to contacting a realtor, but it didn't seem like the right way to go about buying a home. It was hard to know where to start as a first time home buyer. After considering our options of a realtor in Lawrence, Kansas who would represent our best interests, we decided to buy a home through Rob Lang. He made it obvious that he was working for us and not a commission, he desired to make us happy. We told him what type of home we were interested in buying, how much we could afford in house payments, and he did all the work. He found a perfect match for our family and for our budget and we closed on our home June 12, 2008! Every time I have called Rob Lang he has either answered and been ready to talk business or called right back because he was on the other line with another client. His knowledge of the local market and of the process of buying a home made purchasing through him an obvious choice. I would definitely recommend him to first time home buyers. We have recommended him to several friends interested in getting out of their rentals and buying a home. When we sell our house, we know who to talk to, Rob Lang! His number is 785-393-2274 or


10 years ago

good website and safe,also useful informatin you can get.


12 years ago

I have been a part of Active Rain since August of 2006. I can assure you the site is safe. There may be some idiots including their AR blog in their spam messages but this site is VERY safe.

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