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5 months ago

I am so excited to see that good 'ol ActiveWorlds has continued to be updated and gain both more building resources but new capabilities as well. I'd "moved on" from AW (ActiveWorlds) back in the mid '00s pursuing the needs of work and other online entertainment but, have recently given it another look. Initially, when you look at the old, abandoned and historical builds etc.. you'd think it was more of a rotting ghost town but, when you look at the newer things being done there and actually try out the new objects and features that are constantly being added & fine-tuned well, you begin to discover there's a secret multiverse hidden within the old that's vibrant and pretty amazing.! I've begun building again now with tools both old and new and am quite impressed with some of the smooth organic results I've been able to create myself without much more than a little exploration into new commands & syntax.
It's not a game, though you can create games with everything it's capable of.. I think it's mainly for those who want to create in a 3-Dimensional space while being able to interact with others from around the globe. So, now the old has become new again.!
5 Stars for still being around and evolving all this time unbeknownst to me.


6 years ago

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