Reviews - Scam or Legit


3 years ago

This site is a source of rumor, gossip, disinformation in matters of science and contains linkage to some seriously dubious sources and, as such is not a reliable source of information.

A big caveat imptor here.


4 years ago

Just absolutely full of falsehoods. For example, false information about Fukushima, and false information about vaccines.


4 years ago

Good site that is safe for kids.

Safe to Browse – No threats reported

I don't agree with everything they publish, but they do have some journalism that is very excellent. They have a huge list of Staff and Contributing writers at

While I can't say I agree with everything they publish, they are a guilty pleasure of mine.

I trust this website.


6 years ago

Site devoted to conspiracy theories while conspiring to sell magic diet pills and let you win a free iPod just give them all of your personal contact data


9 years ago

misinformation site, hoax


10 years ago

Great place to get information that you can't find in the mass media.

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