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8 months ago

Was looking for a pool for my kid.Covid has all the pools closed and the 10鈥檟30鈥?inflatable pool I usually buy, for 65 bucks once a year,have all been bought and people are reselling them on eBay for 2-3 hundred bucks.Saw this site had them for 65 bucks.Ordered it quickly before they too sold out.After a little research(phone # fake,address fake,social media links on site don鈥檛 work)I figured I had been ripped off.Don鈥檛 buy from Actlived .com


8 months ago

I was on a similar site which is a site that supposedly sold different kinds of boats at a ridiculously low price (instead of $180 they were selling it for $52.99). We thought it was because of Covid, that maybe the prices were dirt cheap so we were going to jump on that. Come Friday, payday, the site no longer is accessible saying it's a phishing site. We were shocked! This website seems to be very similar and at the bottom, it shows links to their social media pages but it doesn't take you there. Red flag!

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