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1 year ago

It's incredible that you pay for a premium product and post sales support is there to help you when something happens.

So here's the story ACTON basically got in touch with me as I have a charger issue with my Blink S2 and asked for my purchase info I sent this to them twice. And now no word back or any help and even calling the number is a waste of time since all you'll get is a busy signal or line will cut immediately. Then if you get frustrated and ask for any help on Facebook they'll delete any negative comments of yours or anyone else.

While you may be buying a premium product do not expect premium service or support. Because it is clear from actions and from others comments these people do not care and only a matter of time before this catches up with them.

My sincere recommendation do not support or buy anything from this company it is awfully managed, your money doesn't matter nor does your issues and you might as well spend 500$+ somewhere else.

It is frustrating and deceptive on their part to not even help support their clients.


1 year ago

I bought a pair of Acton Rocket Skates last year as a gift and did not open it until a few months later, past the normal return date. I expected the product to be sold new as nothing indicated the product was refurbished. The product was clearly not new. The back wheel has clearly been used and the plastic in the front has been scratched. The front wheels were pristine however so I could tell those have been replaced. I wouldn't mind this normally as it was such a good discount however the skates also came with dead batteries. On a full charge, leaving it on all night and with the indicator light green, it had no power when I tested it and went slower than walking speed on pro and normal mode, I weigh 130 lbs. It lasted about five minutes and stopped.

This was obviously a returned product, for which the rubber tires were replaced, no other checks run, and the company resold as new. The product is unusable with a dead battery, I paid $120 (a good discount) for a hunk of useless metal and plastic.

I contacted them and haven't received even an acknowledgement for MONTHS, clearly once they take your money they don't care.

The skates might be cool, they certainly seem cool, but Acton is a scum company I would not deal with again.


2 years ago

Acton Global has the WORST online customer support service I have ever experienced. I bought a Blink S board for my son for Xmas but the remote wouldn't sync with the board. I consequently raised a support ticket (which is a very cumbersome online process on its own) and got a reply asking to provide evidence of the purchase. I did this (although it was already included in the original support query) and haven't heard back from them since. I have sent two follow up mails and got no reply…not even an acknowledgement of receipt. Its just amazing that a consumer company in today's world can be that complacent…especially given its price points which are north of $400. I'm sorry to say that I would never recommend buying a product from this brand to anyone.


2 years ago

Hi dear
I have received DOA ACTON S2 BLINK. Skateboard dont switch on, dont charge.
I have immediately send email to Acton Global and open the ticket for RMA but ACTON GLOBAL SAID that they can not help me.
Just check review on REddit and on Amazon and you will find 100 people like us with same problem!!!!

After checking in the post office i found that only reshipping back will be cost around 75$!!
Nice. You paid 200 and get NOT WORKING ITEM.
I send them several email, but after 2 email they stop to answer to me ! Amazing

Dont waste you time and money with this company !!!
I`m disappointing how in 2019 company like this would like to grow up!

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