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1 year ago

BEWARE Scam Fake online company, new names monthly!!!!

1) 'Eishark' (linking to
2) 'Kitchen Shopping' (linking to
3) 'Turkeysshop' url = (flagged as scam, already shut down)
4) also (flagged as scam, already shut down)

and many more

BEWARE Scam Fake online company, new names monthly!!!!


1 year ago

How is this company still have 3 stars ?? All the reviews here are only have 1 star.
This Company have several different names and they all are FAKES.
No one is doing anything to this SCAM Company, no body take down their websites, whoever own this company should be in Jail !!!


1 year ago – buyer beware! MX record points to based in Russia. Their location shows to be a residential home in Plano, TX and the phone number listed is for a Dallas temp agency. Almost all the links under the information section points back to the main web page. If you have ordered anything recently, contact your credit card company to cancel.


1 year ago

BEWARE I think this company is fake or a scam. They have some different web sites similar name with some ssss behind their name like or
I bought a phone from them and they never shipped them, I tried to email but the email came back as mailer demon and their phone is a different company that doesn't exist. I'm having bbb to investigate this company and somehow try to get my money back.

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