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Website: Speedwell Avenue United States

10 years ago

Its a scam. MOve away. When dealing with a box company if they do not know the details of all types of boxes and printing… find a new company! This company is a huge scam


11 years ago

If you want any customer service, professionalism, honesty, or your orders to be received on time, do not contact this company.

As a business owner, I feel obligated to warn you about the company named, 'Actual Print.' They gave us the best quote, by far, but we later discovered there was a very good reason for that. Firstly, their lack of communication will give any healthy person a nervous disposition. Bobby, and Chris, who are supposedly responsible for customer services, are absolutely useless in communication, and make empty promises on a daily basis. We had paid them in full before they moved their business from Canada to Pakistan, and in conjunction with this move, and without warning, their website disappeared from the internet. During this time, they did not communicate with any of their clients, and had a number of bad reviews posted on various sites. People complained that they had not received their order for four months, or that they had asked for a refund and were not getting responses. After they eventually appeared online again, it took us numerous emails, voicemails, and a final demand letter to receive our order 2 months later than promised in their contract. After receiving complaints from our company, they told us that they had thousands of happy customers over 13 years in business, but given the circumstances, I find this hard to believe. Actual Print is truly the worst company I have ever done business with.

To further aggravate us, in receipt of a shipment tracking number, I asked Bobby to supply our artwork to us (their designers, by the way, were a huge disappointment throughout the process), Bobby then tried to charge me an extra $535 to email me my copyrighted artwork. I asked Bobby to supply this to us for free, as an inconvenience cost, to which he replied – 'we are just employees that can't help you with this request'. If the owner of this business has any pride at all, they would know that their employees are losing them business by not providing customer service, or abiding by their own 7 day policy. It is always in the owner's interest to avoid reviews such as this.

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