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8 years ago

This site offers a number of top rated utilities that allow the end user of the Microsoft Windows operating system to have much greater control and flexibility over its customization, appearance and functionality.
鈥淎ctual Windows Manager鈥?adds to your Microsoft Windows Operating system a number of advanced features for users of multiple display devices. Of these features I use most frequently is the 鈥淧ush pin鈥? Every window you open has the option to pin it to the screen so it stays 鈥渁lways on top鈥? awesome!
Actual Windows Manager
"Actual Window Manager" seems like it would be an excellent candidate to make my top list of favorite Windows utilities, however it does not play well with at least one of my favorite utilities Stardock Fences. Unfortunately for AWM I refuse to go without my Stardock Fences! (Guys get this fixed!)
I will update this review further as I test some of their other applications.

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