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8 months ago

My company contacted Acumen Finance re a loan.
It was given good loan interest rates over the phone from their staff member.
The company then paid many thousands of dollars to "apply" for the loan
then their actual loan rates came back which were more than triple what was advised by the staff member to the company from Acumen.
The company then informed Acumen that it could not afford the new rates offered and simply could not proceed.
Acumen then hit the company with a crazy 6 figure bill for NOT proceeding because it could not afford their terms which were not what were initially discussed.
Now legal advice will be sought to fight this rediculous expectation from Acumen. The only thing that the company is guilty of is potentially being a client of Acumen if rates were as indicated at the start of the discussions.
This is Absolutely disgraceful conduct, Acumen took over $4000 from the company and now want more for delivering NO SUCCESS????

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