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3 weeks ago

My husband ordered an Acupressure device from Acupeo London. Around two weeks later he received a package in the post. Not by courier and not a parcel or a box but in a brown envelope. It was a very thin, cheap version of a Jiffy bag, with no branding, marking or other way of identifying its contents. In order to see what was inside (bearing in mind my husb does not have X-ray vision) he opened the brown envelope.
Inside he found the Acupeo device in an unsealed polythene bag with a connecting lead and pressure pads but with no instructions, brochures, leaflets or paperwork of any kind.
Deciding that he did not want a device that had been dispatched in such an amateurish, inappropriate and woeful way without instructions or branding of any kind, he said he鈥檇 like to return it鈥?at which time it became apparent that he required X-ray vision.
Because, Acupeo said that because he had opened the envelope (which they rather hilariously described as a 鈥測ellow packaging pouch鈥? it was "not returnable." Acupeo鈥檚 customer services insisted that if the product "has been opened, just like the underwear and beauty products you buy online" it is 鈥渘ot possible to return it.鈥?And no matter how clearly my husband explained that he couldn't possibly even know what was inside an unidentified, unidentifiable, anonymous brown envelope without opening it, they are adamant that he couldn't return it if the envelope had been opened. It may be an excellent product but its customer services is rubbish.

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