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6 months ago

I have been using Acuvue contact lenses for the past 11 years. I usually buy the 90 day pack(dailies). I had been having severe irritation in my left eye and the day before I contacted Acuvue I had opened up one of my new contact lenses and noticed there was something that looked like bubbles on the lens. When I was able to get a close look at it, I realized that it had small holes in it. It was for my left eye. It made me wonder if maybe there had been problems with the other lenses because of the irritation I had been having in my left eye. I had a very clear photo of the lens and had contacted the company to let them know about this situation. I had gotten several calls, voicemails, and emails from the company after I Contacted them, but because of my work schedule and the company hours I wasn't able to connect right away. One of the times I was able to speak with someone briefly they acted concerned and said they wanted to make sure that my eyes were ok and they wanted to know more about the incident. I was busy at the time and told them that I would call back when I was free. When I called back I spoke with a person with a totally different attitude. Someone who showed no concern about my eye whatsoever and only about the company not taking blame. I was totally disgusted by the way I was treated and talked to. She never once asked me about my eye. She kept changing my words and putting new words in my mouth. She would say things like"So you're saying this did not happen to any of the other contact lenses just this one?" I never said that. By the end of the conversation She told me she was going to refund 76 cents for ONE contact lens. First of all, that is a total insult! Companies give out Coupons for more than that! Do you sell ONE contact lens?! I wasn't even looking for a refund. I just wanted them to be aware of the situation. But that really upset me! By all the calls I got from the company and voicemails acting concerned and wanting to make sure that I was ok. I was very impressed at first. I thought the company actually cared.
But after talking to that person on the phone I was/am so disgusted. Everyone that I have talked to about this situation and how the company handled it was just as surprised and disappointed as I was.
Another thing that really surprised me was why didn't anyone ask me for the photo I have? I have a very clear photo of the lens. I would have expected that they would want to see it? Don't they care about their quality?

I'm so disappointed in this company. I've been wearing Acuvue lenses for 11 years and the way I Feel right now, if I could find another company that has these lenses I'm going to change. This was the most horrible customer service I've ever dealt with and they have totally lost my respect.


8 months ago

Deceptive rebate marketing!
For people who chose to purchase contacts through their eye doctor office, beware that some of Acuvue's "annual supply" deals intentionally cover only 11 months.
My daughter uses a 2-week variety. I asked to pay for a year's worth of contacts upfront, presumably to get a better deal. My doctor's office gave me this Acuvue rebate form which says that Acuvue's "annual supply" for this variety comes in 8 boxes of 6 contacts. That works out to be 48 weeks, but a year is 52 weeks. So the "annual supply" lasts 11 months.
I appealed to the company in a phone call where the worker told me that their definition of "annual" was "once a year, like an annual picnic." She said we were always welcome to buy more contacts if we ran out before a year…


8 years ago 猫 di propriet脿 di Johnson & Johnson


9 years ago

Great site and great contact lenses, the only ones I use.


11 years ago

Safe and informative site on ACUVUE庐 lens.

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