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1 year ago

This review is also to do with Acuvue Moist lenses.
Faulty fake boots lens mail scheme lenses acuvue moist 1 day lenses.
I had my eyes tested for contact lenses at the boots hemel Hempstead branch earlier this year and my results were that the left was different from the right eye. So they gave me a yellow box of trial lenses whilst i was waiting for the order of 30 day pairs and it seemed fine. When I received the batch from boots lens mail scheme I found my sight to be blurry. I had to throw away 2 to 3 pairs a day in order to get a good one. So this went on for 2 months until I had enough. Recently I went back to boots in hemel Hempstead for an eye check to see if something was wrong, it was discovered that the right eye should have been the same as the left. So again, a little yellow box of trials that worked perfect until I received another batch from boots lens mail scheme which made my vision blurry and again had to keep throwing them away. I spoke to Jackie today 19th july 2019 at hemel who said she will speak to lens mail. I called lens mail myself and they said the only thing they can offer is a replacement box so I refused as I said that all the lenses are faulty. So they were not interested in helping so I cancelled the reward scheme direct debit and called hemel and jackie just said well i dont know what else to offer you. So i will be going to another proper place that are proper opticians and not wannabe opticians like boots are claiming to be. I left the dunstable branch for the same reasons, boots have a very bad attitude and their lens mail scheme is a con, they trick you into it by giving you fresh tester pairs and then when you get the actual lenses you end up throwing them away. As a journalist this is very bad and goes against the trade and consumer description act. And just to say that the boots staff in hemel in general found this all funny and did not take it seriously. Very unprofessional for an established brand. I will be reporting this and taking it further under the false advertising act.

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