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3 years ago

Wanting me to accept items and ship them to others

I was contacted with a job offer , I was told that they found my resume online and that I would be a perfect fit for their project management position. I was asked to send a current resume after a telephone interview was completed. I was later told that the position was mine if I wanted and that the pay would be $2800 a month. I was later directed to the web site and was asked to provide a picture I.D and the way that I would receive my pay. I chose direct deposit . I did not give them my social because it was not requested but the still have my I.D and account number


3 years ago

Not returning emails or calls

Got banking Info did not pay for shipping and can not get a hold of them.


3 years ago

Hired me for reshipper

about a month ago received an email saying they were interested in hiring me. I fell for it.They had me sign a contract fill out the short application and copy of drivers license and bank acct number. I caught on to it two days after sending info..closed bank acct..sent them 3 messages saying that I moved away no one can accept packages..posted 2 big signs saying this address is refusing any packages DO NOT LEAVE ANY..return to sender..they sent me an email early am saying I will be delivered a package.UPS came and the driver saw the signs and left with the package. Now, what should I do?

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