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4 months ago

I have a trading/investment account at ACY Capital for over a month now and I can say that I am very pleased. I started with an investment opportunity with one of their partners that has a low threshold regarding required initial deposits. My son has introduced me to Constantin Athena opportunities because I do not have the knowledge, skills and time to trade myself. The initial deposit has grown well, the first month, excellent results on an aggressive approach. It remains risky of course but you are able to monitor results which may vary from day to day. I'm able to withdraw an amount after a winning streak to my other ACY trading account, which I am using as a holding account. It is therefore very flexible, especially because I am also able to diversify risk profiles by using more trading accounts. In the month of October I will try diversifying the risks and I will write about it in my next review.

As for the trading itself, I have not tried it, I might be willing in the future, if so I will judge the self-trading experience and write about it.

I would also like to note that when I first deposited, I had to use bank wire transfer, which took about 3-4 days. I had the chance to choose other payment options but the instant ones always have a price tag on them, that was a little bit disappointing. Now ACY offers a new payment option which is still by bank but the money is on my trading account almost instant, from my perspective they are really looking to improve the customer experience.

I'm glad my son introduced me to Constantin Athena and ACY. He is also really positive about his contact with Brendan, he was looking for investment opportunities for people who don't have large amounts of money laying around to secure their prosperity during these times and from my perspective he has found exactly what he was looking for. I am looking forward to the upcoming month.

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