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2 years ago

It took some bumps in the road, but Steve at AdIQ was awesome! He took care of all of our needs and made us very comfortable. Hes done a great job at hearing our concerns and complaints and made us very comfortable and fixed the issues. He has made sure that his content team took care of our needs and made us happy. Thank you to AdIQ for making our page what it is.


3 years ago

This is for AD.IQ !
Somehow they got sitejabber to change the website to adiqglobal but this review is for
1 star.
The landing page is ugly and doesn't represent my brand. The new ones are just a reworked template that again, isn't personalized. I have my own website that is driving me leads. I do not want or need this unattractive landing page.
I called back in about last August to cancel my services with ad.IQ and the gentleman insisted that I didn't know what I was doing and so he would do me a favor and keep the service for a lower monthly cost. I reluctantly agreed. In October I called to cancel with intention to not take no for an answer. After arguing back and forth with the guy about how their service isn't fit for my business, he finally agreed to cancel saying things like, so you don't want to grow your business? (Even though I've had their service for 9 months and received zero leads)
He told me it would take about 4 weeks to finalize and for the landing page site they created to be taken down. Though I didn't believe it could possibly take a month to deactivate a basic website, I said okay, after all, apparently you are the experts, not me. It is now January. Site is still up. I called 2 weeks ago and spoke with Nora. She again tried to tell me that I needed this service and I wasn't going to be present online without it. After arguing back and forth for a half hour, she finally agreed to "submit a request" to remove the site. She told me it would be 2-4 business days. That was two weeks ago. Yesterday I called and asked why the site wasn't taken down. Nora said that she didn't know but would submit another request. I asked how long it would take and she told me she couldn't give me a time frame for it.
Literally, all I want is to cut ties with this company that doesn't value it's customers requests or wishes. I've given them numerous chances to take down the site. Now I feel like I need to take this publicly in hopes that more people see this and run the other way.

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