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3 months ago

This is one of the most popular national newspapers in the Netherlands. I am learning to speak Dutch. I find it challenging yet helpful in expanding my knowledge of the language, politics, and culture of the Dutch people. It is google translate friendly for non-Dutch language speakers who are planning a trip to The Netherlands. The news reporting in The Netherlands is factual as one of the societal values is honesty. All news media can have a political slant as regards how the information is reported. But nothing is misleading or lacking in facts.

International news although sometimes brief is up to date and excellent. For Americans, it's refreshing to read news about your country that is not sensationalized of lacking in fact-checking.

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1 year ago

Veilige nieuwswebsite met lokaalnieuws


2 years ago

De site geeft veel aandacht aan de regio, een steeds meer berichten achter een betaalmuur.


6 years ago

One of the few news site that you can trust.


6 years ago

Very informative news website.


10 years ago

Reliable news site


11 years ago

Good news site. Sometimes some nudity that it makes not a website for young children.

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