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1 year ago

Catastrophic and very distressing experience on Saturday 22/06 at 9am in Paris.

Managed to connect to car but could not unlock it. Called the hotline and waited 45min with no answer (rate 拢1.50 per minute) Ended up putting my 4 family members in a taxi to get to Versailles. They come from Japan, we only had one day together and I could not go spend the day with them as there was only room for 4 in the taxi.
Subsequently managed to get hold of the hot-line at 10.33am who told me they were severely understaffed on Saturday mornings and had too many phone calls to manage, so apologies for lack of assistance and referred me to their customer service team to raise a claim.
I can only hope the customer service team will be more efficient than the technical hotline team.

I cannot comprend how such a basic service, ie collecting a rental car, can turn into such a nerve breaking, catastrophic and damaging experience.


1 year ago

Booked online via an agent but was told no car is available when picking up. The staff can't speak English. Waste of time and money. As you will have to book another car no matter from where to hire immediately for a much more price.


2 years ago

Car was brand new but customer service was an issue

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